Meet Cedric McMinn

I am Cedric McMinn, proud to be born in Liberty City and raised in Brownsville. I am the eldest of five raised in a household to value the importance of education and giving back.  I attended public schools from Martin Luther King Elementary to Charles R. Drew Middle which gave me the knowledge and skills to achieve my goals and dreams.  

Working hard every day as Chief of Staff to Miami-Dade School Board Member Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall and District Assistant under the leadership of State Representative Cynthia Stafford enhanced my passion for public service.

I believe that this is the right time to step up and fight for causes important to our children and families in District 109.

It is with great humility and pride for our community that I formally announce my plans to run to be your next Democratic State Representative for District 109. I ask you to join me on this journey….I am Fired UP and Ready to Serve.

Cedric McMinn

Candidate, State Representative, District 109

Our District 109 Priorities

  • Education – Fighting for a strong public education system that prepares our students and compensates our teachers.
  • Economy – Fighting for jobs and careers that provide a liveable wage for all residents and sustainable businesses in our community.
  • Public Safety – Fighting for cleaner and safer streets and neighborhoods to live, work, and play.
  • Save our Children – Fighting to end human trafficking and homelessness in our community.

Our District 109 Initiative(s)

District 109 Cares – We will empower our youth and adults to give back to our community through volunteering opportunities (food distribution, cleaning parks and streets, charitable walks, tutoring and mentoring children, assisting our seniors, etc.)

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